About Us:

The word “Sehyr” comes from the word “Sahar”, which in Arabic means that time right before the sun rises. It’s a time when the world is peaceful, the day is full of possibility and everything is in a synchronized harmony.

We are striving to be that kind of a company and experience for our customers: a place they can come to for beautiful finds, in a stress-free shopping experience to help bring a little harmony to the hectic and busy world we live in.

Our items come from all over the world and we intend to keep expanding, keep digging for unique pieces to draw out the possibility of each day ahead of you.

With each accessory you purchase to complete your outfit, a portion will be donated in charity world-wide.

We look forward to serving you in every way and are here to listen. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

The Team at Sehyr Shop